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The cheeks are the coathanger of the face.
Which is why non-surgical cheek treatments are exceptionally popular. Everybody will be different in terms of pr placement. Some people want cheekbone enhancement to create contour. As well as beautifying the face by enhancing one’s personal ratios of beauty, support in the mid face is imperative. It helps to keep everything anchored and lifted. 

1ML - £180
2ML - £320 

Tear Trough

The eye area is the main focus of the face. Fresh looking eyes are a major asset to the overall appearance of a healthy and youthful looking face. As we age, the vast majority of people will develop tear troughs. A tear trough is a lack of volume and support around the lower eyelid, forming a groove from the tear duct area  When we have a groove like this, it can cast a shadow, which can make us look tired. By gently injecting fine filler into the tear trough, it plumps the skin which illuminates and softens the area leaving you looking younger and fresher. 

2ML - £350

3ML - £450

Chin & Jaw Fillers

As well as the jawline itself, the chin, plays a vital role in supporting the lower face. It is vital to maintain the strength of the jawline and the chin for a youthful and balanced appearance. What would be an enormous undertaking surgically is a fast and effective treatment with fillers. Fillers are used to re-sculpt the chin and lower face, restoring volume and contour to create sharper and more youthful appearance. 

JAW LINE - 2ML - £320


​                                        - 2ML -  £320

Temple Hollows

While many people think first of treating wrinkles, it is the bigger changes to the facial structure which can be more ageing. Temple hollow fillers are designed to tackle the dips that can appear on the temples. This is the area on the side of the head, close to the eyes. When volume is lost here, it can give the face a gaunt and unhealthy look. The use of fillers in this area can have amazing results giving the face a more youthful, healthy and fresher look.  

1ML - £180
2ML - £320 

ANR Full Face Approach

Looking to have all of our advanced fillers? We offer a full face approach. For more information please contact us.

Full Face Approach £995
•2ml Cheek
•2ml Jaw 1ml Chin
•1ml Lips
•2 areas of Botox

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty corrects the nose using long lasting dermal fillers without the need for costly surgery. Fillers can be used to improve the look of a variety of noses.

FROM £240